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Learn how to take your practice from successful to extraordinary:

If you're a woman with an investment advisory career - either in one of the major wirehouses, regional brokerages, private banking, bank brokerage divisions, independent firms or RIAs - this is your opportunity to rub elbows with other high-ranking women advisors looking to reach their peak performance.




All Others (non-Advisors)


Register online, or call Ingrid Olsen at (212) 803-8456.

Top 4 Takeaways

Check out the Top 4 Takeaways
that you can’t afford to miss:


The Top 5 Mistakes Women Make While Being Recruited.
It’s known and understood that women often tend to undervalue themselves. As an advisor, you understand the importance of protecting and affixing the correct value to others’ assets, and it’s just as necessary to understand the value you bring to the table. When thinking about making the jump from one firm to another, or entering into a new client relationship make sure you’re avoiding these most commonly-made mistakes.


Sustainable Investing- A Wise Strategy for Long-Term Investors.
Gain new insight on sustainable investing against the backdrop of recent market woes and in the context of some of the challenges facing investors and the broader economy in the years ahead.


The Multi-Million Dollar Woman.
This panel will feature four women with multi-million dollar practices talking about how they got there and lessons learned. This is your chance to hear directly from the industry’s rain-making role models.


The Mind Meld Working Session.
Each table, with the guidance of one of the Multi-Million Dollar women, will be tasked with a problem to brainstorm and find the best solution for. This session offers a great opportunity to exchange ideas, share success stories and learn from your peers.

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