Company Founded: 2007, Secaucus, New Jersey

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What Does it do?
FolioDynamix is leading the evolution of the wealth management experience, with an end-to-end technology solution paired with a suite of advisory tools including model portfolios and research as well as overlay account options.

How will your product or service advance the wealth management experience or industry?
Through our powerful technology platform, advisors can manage the entire client lifecycle from proposal generation to account opening to account management (trading and rebalancing) to reporting, all through a sophisticated but easy-to-use secure cloud-based solution. The modular, seamless and scalable technology platform of FolioDynamix is quickly becoming the modern-day platform of choice for firms seeking to grow and lead in the new era of wealth management.

What makes it better than all its competitors?

One competitive advantage is the unbundled nature of our solution. This allows clients to leverage the components that work for them--AND, these components can work as a standalone which is not always the case with other bundled products (sometimes, you just want ONLY what you want!) Additionally, our culture and support model are huge differentiators for us. We believe very strongly in collaborating on an ongoing basis with every client, to help them innovate and improve their own processes. We will develop to client need, and configure our solutions so that they work for those client pain points--as opposed to forcing a client into a bucket that might not fit. We don't believe "buying Folio" is a one-time sale; instead, you are buying into a longer-term support model and relationship.

Five word mantra or summary?
Wealth Servicing Made Seamless



Joseph Mrak
Joseph Mrak
Chairman & CEO
Michelle Cheng
Michelle Cheng
Director, Adoption & Growth


Joseph Mrak, Chairman & CEO

Key Customers:

RIA firms, broker-dealers, bank trusts, and custodians.

Key Investors:

FolioDynamix is an Actua company (Nasdaq: ACTA). .

July 11-12, 2017, New York City


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