Company Founded: 1993, Kraków, malopolska, Poland

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Launch Date:

February 2017

Questions for Company:

What Does it do?
Devra is an AI-driven investment recommendation module. Depending on context, it can run on various devices automatically: from smartphones and desktops through to VR goggles and car head units. In so doing, it allows financial institutions to seamlessly guide their digital-native clients towards financial soundness - in the most convenient way possible.

How will your product or service advance the wealth management experience or industry?
Devra serves as:
1. Virtual investment assistant recommending clients on how to make the most of their assets – through voice and vision.
2. Reliable companion who knows client’s personal, financial, behavioral and risk profiles, being able not only to adjust to various needs and objectives but also anticipate them.
3.. Robo-advisor supporting wealth managers and their clients with adaptive investment proposal (recommendations, lifecycle asset allocation, market signals, market sentiment).
4. Chat bot that employs natural language processing or data visualization to communicate with clients the way that fits best at a given moment.

What makes it better than all its competitors?

Devra comes in many forms:

Desktop/mobile app – traditional service channels consolidating all important information on clients' assets and allowing for constant touch with a personal advisor while on the go. Can be expanded by “virtual assistant” mode.

Social media/email app – investment suggestions extended in the form of a text chat outside of banking context. Meant as an engaging and casual form of client-advisor interaction aimed at sharing quick chunks of information.

Car app – conversational, "invisible" interface turning a car's head unit into an intelligent helper giving portfolio updates and investment insights. Finances can now be kept in check during day-to-day commute without ever taking one's eyes off the road.

VR app – banking data presented in a reactive 3D environment that genuinely helps investors figure out their next best move every step of the way – instead of being just a cognitive load. A completely private sphere enriched with a chat bot feature, ideal for remote advisory. …and more

All of these are/can be delivered as a single pack - together with the algorithm itself.

What’s the typical ROI for an implementation?
Check back for more information

Five word mantra or summary?
Devra: the eloquent in-car investment assistant



Justin Cvetkovski
Justin Cvetkovski
Marketing Coordinator, Financial Services
Sylwia Hans
Sylwia Hans
Financial Services Director


Janusz Filipiak

Key Customers:

Société Générale
BNP Paribas
Swiss Life
Allianz and more.

July 11-12, 2017, New York City


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